The EXPERIENCE Escape Rooms

The EXPERIENCE Escape Rooms are brought to you by the masterminds of Horror at The Haunted Hotel, however, the EXPERIENCE is not a Haunted Attraction. The Experience is a new, fun, and interactive group experience that happens to be set inside the Haunted Hotel building.  We use the building only 2 months out of the year for the haunted attraction.  The remainder of the year is the escape rooms.

The EXPERIENCE Escape rooms are just what they sound like.  It’s a game where you are placed in a room and you have to decipher clues and codes to escape the room within the given time allotment.  You can participate with friends, family, a group of coworkers, or even a bunch of strangers. It’s all about working as team. You are challenged to observe your surroundings, search for clues, and solve complex puzzles to find the special keys to unlock the exit door and escape. Your team must observe, solve, and think outside the box to complete the challenge in 60 minuets or less.

There is nothing scary about the current Escape Rooms, “Home” and “Mel’s Diner”.  However, in the fall of 2016 we hope to bring a scary version to those who dare to walk on the darker side of entertainment. “The Investigation” will be a paranormal experience escape room.

The Haunted Hotel Back-story

The Experience Escape Rooms comes from the creative minds at The Haunted Hotel. The Haunted Hotel began in 1982 inside the Rosemont Hotel in downtown Beaumont. The Rosemont was built in 1893 and served as many different venues, some more on the red light scene. For 24 years we continued to grow and provide the community with a safe, but scary, experience. It didn’t take long for anyone working in, or on, the building to realize they weren’t alone. Unexplained footsteps and the sounds of closing doors were a regular occurrence in the building. There were even reports of physical contact with workers and an unknown force. In 2003 we were forced to leave our original location due to the deteriorating condition of the building.

It was thought that would be the end of the Haunted Hotel, but we were wrong. Forces came together and we found a new home inside the Sports Connection complex. While there, we honed our skills and talents that eventually defined the Haunted Hotel as being the premiere haunted attraction between Houston and Lake Charles. Our actors, and crew continued to learn what made fear a reality for our guests.

After 12 years we returned to Crockett and Orleans for the biggest event to hit downtown Beaumont in years. We purchased the old Serafino / F & M building at 447 Orleans. Our new building shares a wall of the original Haunted Hotel, and some say even more. Our designers have had things moved without knowledge, doors left opened after closing, and even an old headstone discovered under an old decking in the courtyard. Shadows roam the halls and voices travel down the stairwells. We worked very hard to bring southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana an event to remember. 2015 was the biggest the Haunted Hotel has ever had, and we want to share this attraction with you, if you dare.